I tried to pack light for my NYC/Japan/Korea trip. Here is some pictures of my first attempts. I ended up taking out a few more things so I could put my day pack into the duffel bag to consolidate down to one bag if I wanted to.

  • Outlier Slim Dungaree Pants
  • Zanerobe drop shot olive pants
  • Ice breaker Merino V-neck Tshirt
  • Outlier Merino T shirt
  • Mission Workshop Merino T shirt
  • American Apparel Long sleeve Henley (Removed)
  • Long sleeve flannel button down (removed)
  • 1 black and 1 white scoop neck basic cotton T-shirt
  • Uniqlo white OCBD
  • Muji Merino wool scarf
  • 3 travel silicone bottles
  • Eagle creek compression cube (1 pair of uniqlo airism and 2 pairs of exofficio boxer briefs inside)

Here's everything packed into cubes with a doppler bag that I ended up getting rid of and just putting it into the compartments in my duffel bag.

Ended up having lots of extra room or so I thought, and I was considering bringing my boots but I figured I wouldn't be able to consolidate things into one bag if I brought them and ended up leaving them behind.

I felt pretty good about my first attempt to one bag everything. But it wasn't until I arrived in NYC where I felt I might've not made the best choice. Most in part due to me packing last minute few hours before leaving for the airport due to prioritizing finishing up work. I wasn't able to take a final picture of everything I brought and packed since I was in a hurry. I'll make a follow up post on what I packed and lessons learned later on.