I'm trying to avoid devoting a whole blog post to negativity but since I've been trying out new places to eat faster than I can blog. I think its much easier to just compile a list of places I didn't like with a short one to two sentence description of my thoughts on it. I seem to get remarks a lot about my bluntness, so this will also be good practice for me to choose my wording carefully.

Chilantro: Add some kimchi and bulgogi to a burger and fries and call it korean food. Loud mix of flavors that don't complement with each other well, and low quality meat used for bulgogi.

Hightower: Service was bad, pulled pork burger was cold and soggy. Loud rowdy atmosphere.

Caffe Medici: Latte tasted like hot milk with no trace of coffee.

Song La Truck
Song-La Taiwanese Food truck: Not that many people in line, but still waited 2 hours in 98F degree weather for food. Pork belly buns were okay, pork rice doesn't taste authentic, the egg was ice cold in the center and not seasoned fully. (Pictures of what it's supposed to look like, can also easily be made at home)